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Articoli dei Modellisti

This is the process that we use to make the hills seen on our tables. this is not unlike the "Big" hill tutorial but has some different techniques >>
Come ricreare una porzione di pavimentazione piccolo tuttorial passo dopo passo a cura di Matteo Nespoli.

The making of the road for the Noordhoek POW diorama.

This is a tutorial for creating a charred look on wood for dioramas little tutorial Step by step by the modeller Luc Po.
SBS for creating an aluminium can in 1/35. The can is made from metal and can be crushed to give a realistic appearance.
A peça deve estar devidamente selada com primer e este polido.
Hi everybody! Here we are again with a new painting guide that we think it will be of your interest!
working on getting the - Making Concrete Roads Tutorial up in the next day or 2...the Roads in this Tutorial are 1/35th...
Il MODELLISMO è una pratica che, considerata da molti un gioco per (bimbi) grandi, sta svanendo sempre più, rimanendo...
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